Septetra is a world i created through many trial and error runs with my players and i’ve decided to stick with it. Septetra is a world composed entirely of seperate, floating continents, suspeded in animation by their own wellspring (For those who have read the magic incarnum) depending on the septetra (induvidual floating continent) the inhabitans may or may not have any knowledge of the other septetra’s. Most of the septetra’s are placed apart in time and place and magical aptitude. while one may be classic european and much magic, one else may be futuristic and devoid of the arcane arts. The septetra the players are currently on is large, and is currently threatened by the evil lich Zule von Schuler, who is using necrocarnum to sap the life out of the well spring, to add to his power and ascend to godhood. Can the hero’s stop him by reaching the wellspring in time and destroying the lich’s phylactery which lies within?

The skies of septetra