• Aukan Anakallithai

    Aukan Anakallithai

    A strong, defiant goliath, with a temper to match his power.
  • Deekin


    A small, quick, and joyful creature, and a almost mirror opposite of his race as a whole, in personality.
  • Exas Sagewood

    Exas Sagewood

    A head-strong half-elven ranger whom is very protective of his friends and spurring of the undead, whom he despises.
  • Gib-don


    My friend joey's character. a quick to leap, quick to thing halfling that worships the god of fate and death, ebon. He lives by the code of fate, and those who defy it must be annihilated.
  • Marious Darkbane

    Marious Darkbane

    A pious, young cleric, who worships the god of law and the sky, Forn. He is a man of the cloth, and lives to glorify Forn, and to kill those he holds corrupt.